Nonprofit Support

Piper Fellows Program

Piper Fellowships allow nonprofit leaders to study and travel to improve their skills and renew the vision of their work. The program offers up to $30,000 for a sabbatical program and $10,000 for staff development. Fellows can apply for a $50,000 Piper Organizational Enhancement Award during the sabbatical or within six months of completing it. The ongoing networking and programs for Fellows are proving as important to nonprofit leaders as the sabbatical itself.

Piper Academy

Piper Trust brings experts in fundraising, board development, and other topics of interest to nonprofits. Piper Academies offer professional development opportunities for executive directors, other nonprofit staff, and board members. Piper Academies feature experts from across the country and provide a forum to share insights with professionals doing similar work. Many Piper Academies result in follow-up training for staff and volunteer leaders or funding for cohorts of nonprofits.

Staff Consultation

The Trust provides resources for grantees ranging from grant development and program consultation through the grant development process. In fact, the Trust strongly encourages nonprofits to seek counsel with the program staff prior to submitting a proposal. Evaluation, communication, and finance staff also consults in the grant development process to improve the grants.

Evaluation and Communication Consultation

Besides grant support, evaluation and communication staff offers grantees additional consultation and tools. The focus is on what grantees want to know to make programs and organizations more successful.