Piper Fellows: Eligibility

Qualified Organizations

Candidates must be employed by 501 (c)(3) organizations that serve Maricopa County, Arizona. These organizations must have been in operation for at least 10 years prior to the time of their grant request, and must be dedicated to efforts in the following areas: human services, health, education, arts and culture, or religion.

The Trust expects that employing organizations offer candidates the following accommodations:

  • A minimum of one month’s leave in order to participate in the Piper Fellows program (Applicants will submit a work plan for organizational management during the period of absence).
  • Guaranteed salary, benefits and full-time employment status during the period of absence.
  • Assurance that regular operations will continue as normal during the period of absence.


Piper Trust seeks applications from executives who hold positions of significant responsibility in nonprofit organizations that serve Maricopa County, Arizona, in the following areas: human services, health, education, arts and culture, or faith-based charity.

Private 509(a) foundation employees are asked not to apply.

Piper Fellows candidates should possess the following attributes:

  • Proven leadership in both their organizations specifically, and Maricopa County generally.
  • Primary or significant responsibility with respect to the management of their organizations’ programs and funds.
  • At least 10 years’ experience in the nonprofit field (this experience need not have come with a single organization) that contains no significant hiatuses for the purpose of professional development.
  • Full-time employment status in the organizations they represent.

Other Requirements


  • Piper Fellow candidates must complete their release time within 12 months of the award notification date. Candidates who have completed the Piper Fellows program must dispatch written reports to the Trust within three months of the completion of the award period. This report should detail candidates’ experience and activities during the release period, and should indicate the ways in which those experiences and activities will help them to better serve their organization’s mission.
  • Piper Fellows must agree to participate in periodic activities during the fellowship year, and must also agree to return as program “alumni” in the years thereafter. This continued participation allows past and present Fellows to build on their experiences, to foster ongoing professional development, and to stimulate potential collaboration and cooperation among participating organizations.

Each year, the selection committee may choose to award one fellowship to an Emerging Leader whose organization has operated for five or more years. In order to be considered, the nonprofit leader must meet all candidate-specific requirements.

Piper Fellows Brochure

The Piper Fellows program offers sabbaticals for outstanding senior executives of Maricopa County nonprofit organizations. Learn about eligibility and application requirements. The application deadline is September 15.

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April 2013