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Online Application

The online grant application process allows grantseekers to submit grant applications. Both the online form and a two-page letter of inquiry are required for Piper Trust to consider your grant request.

Application Form

The following information will be needed to complete the online form.

Organizational Profile:

  • Your organization’s name, mailing address, phone number, and website address.
  • Your organization’s total operating budget and the fiscal year end date.
  • Your organization’s federal tax ID number and tax exemption date.

Contact Information:
The name, title, and email address of your organization’s executive director/CEO. This is the person to whom we will address future correspondence.

Summary of the Request:

  • A brief description of the project for which you’re seeking funding.
  • The geographic area (East Valley, West Valley, Central Phoenix, Valleywide, Other) to be served.
  • The total budget for the project, the amount requested from the Trust, the requested grant term in months and the project start date.
  • The type of funds you are requesting (i.e. programmatic or capital). If the request is for a capital campaign, please include the total campaign goal and timeframe. Please note that capital campaign requests cannot be considered until the organization has reached 75 percent of the goal.

Required Best Practices – Grant recipients must adopt Piper Trust’s Best Practices to be considered for a grant.

Attachments – Be prepared to attach your two-page letter of inquiry on your organization’s letterhead. Your letter of inquiry should address the project’s impact, effectiveness, feasibility and sustainability.