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Piper Trust Staff Announcement

January 17, 2023

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

A new and critically important organization was established—the National Institute for African American Health (NIAAH)—with its mission being to improve the health of African Americans. NIAAH will do this through its ambitious goals to increase the number of Black physicians, create access to trusted African American health information, and educate providers on culturally competent care. I am honored to share that Piper Trust’s Vice President of Programs, Stacey Easterling, was sought after to become the inaugural leader of NIAAH!

Stacey has deep expertise and an academic education in public health—as such, it is not surprising that NIAAH would know of her and seek her leadership to build on the vision of the impressive NIAAH Board and take it to the next level. Stacey has a great passion for this work and will bring a vital and special energy to this urgent issue. Her last day will be January 20th. Piper Trust leadership has every confidence that the Trust’s grantmaking work will continue strong in the terrific hands of its talented Program Team.

In addition, Piper Trust is thrilled to share that Erin Goodman was promoted to Senior Program Officer. Erin has been with the Trust for nine years with steadily increasing responsibilities; she will continue to manage the Trust’s arts and culture grantmaking portfolio along with key Trust initiatives. Erin will work collaboratively with Program Officers Emily Mead and Kerri Kaczmarczyk, co-managers of the Trust’s grantmaking efforts in children, older adults, education, health, and human services.

Piper Trust congratulates Stacey on her new and significant national role! We are grateful for her dedicated service to the Trust and our community through the very challenging times of a global pandemic.

Best regards,

Mary Jane Rynd
President and CEO