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Piper Fellows: Application

Application/Selection Timeline
September 1
Deadline for receipt of Piper Fellows applications via online portal (below).

Finalist Interviews

Early December
Public announcement of Piper Fellows

Piper Fellows Selection:
The selection committee is comprised of Maricopa County leaders who are knowledgeable about the value and contributions of the social profit sector. The committee reviews the applications, conducts interviews, and makes its recommendations to Piper Trust’s Board of Trustees for final selection.

Piper Fellows Program Application

Applicant Information

Application Questions

Additional Application Information/Attachments

Please attach the following PDFs to complete the application:

  1. A résumé (including the past 10 years and current contact info)
  2. A proposed budget for your sabbatical expenditures.
  3. A professional letter of recommendation as to why you would be a strong Piper Fellow (Must include contact information for the reference).
  4. A brief letter of endorsement supporting your proposal as a Piper Fellow signed by your organization’s Board chair or other appropriate person, and includes: a) the plan for organizational management during your sabbatical study and upon your return, b) guarantee of maintenance of your regular salary and health/other benefits during the award period.

Please save your PDF files with the following naming conventions and attach below.

(Example format: Smith - Résumé) No additional attachments will be accepted.

References (Maricopa County-based)
Please provide two references

Reference 1
Reference 2

Need assistance with this application? Contact Roberta Lind: