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Resident Scholars FAQ

Who is an ideal candidate for a Piper Trust Resident Scholar position?
A strong candidate is someone who has:

  • an undergraduate degree (a graduate degree and/or social profit work experience will add to a candidate’s competitiveness)
  • effective communication skills
  • a demonstrated desire to contribute to social good and the social profit sector
  • little professional work experience as this is an opportunity for early career professionals

What should I address in my 1,600 word essay?
Items such as:

  • what you hope to gain from a Resident Scholar experience
  • how you can contribute to Piper Trust’s work and the social profit sector
  • your experience/involvement in the social profit sector
  • areas of Piper Trust work that you find interesting

Do I get to make decisions on grants?
Scholars will experience the grantmaking process through participation in staff discussions and other related activities, however, the grant process is handled by the Trust’s Program division and all grant decisions are made by Piper Trust’s Board of Trustees.

What types of projects will I work on?
Scholars assist with or lead a wide range of assignments depending on the current work and needs of the Trust.

What does “develop and lead a substantial project around a particular issue” mean and entail?
A Resident Scholar, likely in the second year of the position, has the opportunity to identify an issue of interest that he/she would like to impact through a substantive work project. The Scholar will develop and propose a project scope, work plan, and targeted outcomes with measurements. If approved, the Scholar will be mentored and supported in this work.

Why would this position benefit me?
The experience working at Piper Trust is intended to enrich the Scholar personally and professionally; Resident Scholars acquire skills that can apply to any sector. Scholars are exposed to all facets of a private foundation’s work, such as finance, grants management, communications, research, evaluation/strategic learning, and more, and can gain great insight about how philanthropy operates and its role in society. A Resident Scholar position goes beyond working with Piper Trust staff and gives Scholars opportunities to interact with local and national community influencers and social profit leaders.

Do I need experience in philanthropy to apply?
No, we welcome any recent graduates/early professionals with all backgrounds who are passionate about social good.

How long is the Resident Scholar commitment?
The Resident Scholars Program is a two-year, full-time commitment at Piper Trust in Phoenix, Arizona/Maricopa County. Two Scholars will be in residence with a one-year overlap.

Who is my direct supervisor?
All Resident Scholars report to Piper Trust’s President and CEO, Susan Pepin, MD, MPH.