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Application/Selection Timeline
Applications Open through
August 1, 2024

Piper Fellows Information Sessions
Wednesday, May 1, 2024
2:00-3:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
3:30-4:30 p.m.

August 1: Deadline for receipt of Piper Fellows applications.
September-October: Selection Committee Process: Application Reviews/Finalist Interviews
November: Selection Completed
Early December: Public announcement of Piper Fellows
Piper Fellows Selection: The Selection Committee is comprised of Maricopa County leaders who are knowledgeable about the value and contributions of the nonprofit sector. The Committee reviews the applications, conducts interviews, and makes its recommendations to Piper Trust’s Board of Trustees for final selection.

Questions? Please contact Karen Leland,

Now accepting applications for 2024!
The Piper Fellows program acknowledges the never-ceasing demands of nonprofit leadership and offers opportunities for nonprofit leaders to reach, retool, and revitalize. A Piper Fellowship offers the potential for up to $90,000 in grant funding to a Fellow’s organization.

  • Piper Trust offers up to six fellowship awards of $30,000 (maximum) annually to support professional development for outstanding leaders of nonprofit charity/501(c)(3) organizations serving Maricopa County.
  • A Piper Fellow’s personally designed “professional development plan” can be taken all at once or divided into several time periods or dates and is based on what is best for the organization. Fellow candidates are encouraged to explore educational and professional programs, visit model program sites, and meet with related leaders across the nation.
  • A Piper Fellowship also includes a $10,000 grant award for staff and board development and eligibility for the Fellow’s organization to apply for a Piper Fellows Organizational Enhancement Award grant of up to $50,000 within six months of Fellowship completion. Fellowships and grant-related Fellowship awards are contingent upon the Fellow’s continued employment at the organization.

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2023 Piper Fellows

Ryan Corry
Kate Fassett
Carmen Guerrero
Matthew Kasper
Monique Lopez
Shelby Pedersen
David M. Roche
Torrie A. Taj
Kris A. Volcheck

2022 Piper Fellows

Becky Bell Ballard
Pedro Cons
David J. Hemphill
Sister Mary Jordan Hoover, O.P.
Kirk Johnson
Jared Kittelson
Jessyca Leach
Marcia Mintz
Alicia Nuñez
Denise Resnik
Christopher Tiffany
Dr. Gerd Wuestemann

2021 Piper Fellows

Sam Alpert
Debbie DiCarlo
Emily Early
Carmen Heredia
Karen Jayne
Nate Lowrie
Laura Magruder
Regina Nixon
Jeri Royce

2019 Piper Fellows

Charlie Brown
Tiffany Fairall
Sherri Friend
Angie Rodgers
Arianne Roy

2018 Piper Fellows

Katie Cobb
Trinity Donovan
Meg Sneed
Kate Wells

2017 Piper Fellows

Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin
Melissa Elliott
Mary Mitchell
Stacia Ortega
Essen Otu

2016 Piper Fellows

Katherine Cecala
JoAnne Chiariello
Leah Fregulia
Amy Schwabenlender

2015 Piper Fellows

Marc Ashton
Tara Jackson
Matti Lord
Jeffory Morris
Poulson Reed
Dan Schay

2014 Piper Fellows

Jan Dougherty
Vincent VanVleet

2013 Piper Fellows

Kathryn Blake
Patricia Klahr
Kimberlie McCue
Cindy Ornstein

2012 Piper Fellows

Carlos Galindo-Elvira
Christine Girard
Terry Hines
Doug Hirano
David Noble

2011 Piper Fellows

Barbara Fenster
Karl Gentles
MaryLynn Mack
Darlene Newsom
Jared Sakren

2010 Piper Fellows

Sunnee O’Rork
Martin Quintana
Avein Saaty-Tafoya
Julie Zalimas

2009 Piper Fellows

Elaine McGinn
Paul Mittman
Peggy Mullan
Mary Peterson
Amy Pfeifer

2008 Piper Fellows

Edmundo Hidalgo
Mark Nelson
Daniel Scoggin
John Swagert, MD

2007 Piper Fellows

Blase Bova
Lisa Glow
Theresa Leon
Connie Phillips
Kurt Sheppard

2006 Piper Fellows

Rob Crawford
Michelle MacLennan
Milon F. Pitts
Marsha Porter
Keith A. Thompson

2005 Piper Fellows

Joe Baker
Richard M. Bell
Michelle R. Dionisio
Juanita Howard
Kathy Nugent

2004 Piper Fellows

Robin Dunn Marcos
Laura Larson-Huffaker
Katrina Mueller Pappas
Luz Sarmina

2003 Piper Fellows

Pamela Martin
Kenneth Schutz

2002 Piper Fellows

Janice Ertl
Chris Tompkins

2001 Piper Fellows

Santino Bernasconi
Chevy Humphrey
Mary Lynn Kasunic
Linda Searfoss
Tamara Woodbury