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Piper Fellows: Resources

Piper Fellows – Fellowships to Build Leadership & Excellence in Nonprofit Organizations

The Piper Fellows Program acknowledges the never-ceasing demands of nonprofit leadership and provides opportunities for leaders to reach, retool, and revitalize. Nonprofit leaders are strengthening our community daily—serving social good and helping address society’s needs and challenges with limited resources and time.

Piper Fellows – Leadership/Management Program & Reflection Ideas

Fellowship experiences have included activities such as seminars at leading business schools, leadership development programs, best practice site visits, and personal coaching. For further insight, we encourage applicants to review this comprehensive listing for ideas. Do note that this list is considered a reference only and applicants are not required to use/choose from this list.

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Sample Budget

A proposed budget must be submitted with a Piper Fellow’s application. This example budget provides a reference for what to think about and include when developing a budget for a proposed Fellowship.

Piper Fellows – Staff & Board Development Ideas

Board and Staff development ideas for select staff and senior leadership.