1177 East Missouri



Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust strives to be a vital part of Maricopa County, not only as a source of leadership and financial support, but as a neighbor sharing a lasting stake in the county’s future.

As such, Piper Trust’s location at 1202 E. Missouri Avenue affords the perfect setting and environment for the foundation to be truly embedded within the community it serves.

When the 1177 property located adjacent to its offices (southwest corner of 12th Street and Missouri) became available, the Trust saw it as an ideal opportunity to add an extension location for its offices and enhance the neighborhood. The location is now home to Piper Trust’s two important initiatives: Read On Arizona and Eyes On Learning.



1177 East Missouri beautifully honors Virginia Piper’s philanthropic commitment to improving quality of life and strengthening community.

  • Community Voices: Concrete walkways showcase etched quotes from community members who share their thoughts about the meaning of community.
  • Station of Service: As a tribute to early origins of the property—at one time it was the site of a “Flying A” service station—passersby can refill water bottles or dog bowls, bike tires, or charge a cell phone.
  • Little Free Library: To encourage literacy among all ages, neighbors are free to take a book and/or leave a book” or share a poem at the 1177 Little Library. Learn more about little free libraries.

The building is not open to the public, but the Station of Service, Little Library, and Community Voices are for the community to enjoy.