“A moment-to-moment dignified responsibility”—this is how Virginia Galvin Piper characterized her philanthropic work. Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust marks its 20th Anniversary serving the community (Fiscal 2019-2020). In honor and celebration of this milestone, Piper Trust is sharing “impactful moments” spanning the past two decades that build on Virginia Piper’s legacy. These “moments” will be highlighted throughout the year via #PiperTrustMoments—a monthly communication series featuring the inspirational work of the nonprofit community. Piper Trust also commemorates its 20th year through the 2020 Initiative—a special investment of $20 million in the organizational capacity of grantees.

What is a Moment?

As a unit of time, it equates to about 90 seconds . . . and yet, so much can happen in a moment. While it may take time to reach that discovery . . . identify a solution . . . give or receive an act of kindness—it can all come together in a transformational moment of good that can profoundly impact others. Virginia Galvin Piper inspires us to do good things daily. As we celebrate Virginia’s legacy and the past 20 years, we invite everyone to share their “moments”—meaningful acts of giving or receiving.


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A Special Virginia Piper Moment

While visiting a local nonprofit, a visibly abused little boy reached for Virginia—she scooped him up and they embraced. This moment reinforced Virginia’s commitment to significantly support efforts that contribute to children’s healthy growth and development.