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Steps in Grant Process

Initial Review

  • Piper program directors offer the greatest service if you contact them prior to formally submitting a letter of inquiry. Advance discussion helps you identify projects that align with our program areas and grant guidelines.
  • After you send a formal letter of inquiry and grant summary form, our staff acknowledges your submission within a week. Staff reviews your materials and provides feedback within six weeks.

Full proposal

  • If your request fits Piper’s program interests, program staff requests a full proposal and site visit. The full proposal provides detailed information and research about the need and the proposed intervention. The proposal includes the project budget, your organization’s most recent financial audit and an organization chart.
  • We request information about board leadership, such as member attendance, percentage of board members contributing financially to the organization, and the total amount contributed by the board. Piper trustees believe strongly that successful organizations have active board members who invest in their success.
  • Piper Trust also expects adoption of Required Nonprofit Practices.

Grant Review

  • Our staff makes grant recommendations to Piper’s trustees. The trustees review all recommendations for approval and for decline.
  • If your proposal is declined, staff sends you notification within six weeks of your initial letter of inquiry.
  • If we ask you to expand your initial proposal into a full proposal, we will notify you about its disposition within two to six months from the initial date of inquiry.

Grant Award

  • Each Piper grant is an investment in Maricopa County. Trustees and staff focus on ensuring grant programs are successful. We call you after the trustees award a grant and send an award letter.
  • Piper Trust invites your CEO and board chair to a meeting known as Piper 201. Program staff reviews Piper’s expectations, grant terms, reports and timelines. Piper evaluation, communication and finance staff outline other support available to you.


  • Throughout the term of the grant, you and Piper staff communicate regularly about the project’s progress. We may require interim reports or other kinds of ongoing communication. Some grants include more in-depth evaluation coordinated by Piper’s Research and Evaluation staff.
  • With all grant projects, Piper Trust is interested in lessons learned. When a grant is completed, we ask for a final report covering program outcomes, challenges and successes. Program staff also meets with you to discuss the program results.