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What Makes A Strong Proposal

Impact — Identifying a need, such as:

  • Improving service delivery
  • Expanding the scope or scale of existing programs
  • Collaborating with other agencies
  • Testing pilot concepts that may have broader applicability
  • Emphasizing prevention or early intervention

Effectiveness — Demonstrating value and efficacy:

  • Addressing identified needs
  • Incorporates¬†knowledge or evidence of measures that work
  • Offering measurable observable outcomes (effects on the lives of children, older adults, or arts and culture institutions)

Feasibility — Proving practicability:

  • Uses methodology appropriate to address issue
  • Manageable¬†with available resources
  • Demonstrating sufficient organizational leadership to achieve program goals

Sustainability — Practicing fiscal responsibility:

  • Requesting an appropriate amount to the size of the agency’s budget
  • Having access to stable or diverse finances
  • Offering a thoughtful, realistic plan for continuing the project beyond the term of the grant period