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Piper Trust makes $2.5 million in grants to benefit children focusing on programs in health, arts and education

Piper Trust makes $2.5 million in grants to benefGrants for Arizona Science Center, Boy Scouts and Teach for America, among othersit children focusing on programs in health, arts and education

List of 9 Grants Awarded

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (May 21, 2008)—Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust has awarded grants to benefit children in Maricopa County that will improve early childhood education, music and science educational enhancement, leadership programming for at-risk girls, pet therapy for children and child abuse prevention.

Grants totaling $2.5 million will go to seven programs for children, as well as a fall prevention coalition to benefit older adults funded through the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging.

“Children’s well-being is the best barometer of a community’s well-being,” said Judy Jolley Mohraz, Ph.D., president and CEO of Piper Trust. “The Trust is pleased to partner with nonprofits committed to improving the lives of our youngest children as well as school-age children and adolescents. These are exemplary programs.”

Piper Trust made a $1 million commitment to Arizona Science Center as part of the organization’s $25.2-million capital campaign for revitalizing hands-on exhibits, programs and facilities at the downtown Phoenix center that also will expand the organization’s endowment and working capital. “We are deeply grateful for our partnership with Piper Trust,” said Arnita (Chevy) Humphrey, president and CEO of the Center. “From Mrs. Piper’s original personal gift to help open the Science Center, to this latest gift to support our gallery renovations and endowment, the Trust has been instrumental in ensuring our relevance and sustainability.”

Boy Scouts of America – Grand Canyon Council, Inc., will use an $800,000 Piper Trust grant to support an $8 million capital campaign to upgrade facilities and expand scouting programs. “We are very excited about the grant because it will enable the Scouts to reach out to many more young people in predominantly low-income, high-minority areas of Maricopa County with programs geared to develop values used as a compass to live a productive and rewarding life,” said Larry Abbott, scout executive and CEO.

Piper Trust awarded $300,000 to Teach For America in Phoenix to launch a new pilot early childhood education initiative to place corps members in pre-kindergarten programs in low-income areas. “With the Piper Trust’s support, we will be able to work towards expanding our efforts to include early childhood education so that we can tackle disparities before they widen and in doing so, expand the future academic and life prospects of children from Phoenix’s lowest-income communities,” said Pearl Chang Esau, executive director, Teach For America in Phoenix.

Preventing falls among older adults is a goal of Piper Trust, and now a $138,300 grant will establish a Fall Prevention Coalition through the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging. The coalition will coordinate for the first time professionals, groups and organizations working in this area and will develop a technical assistance website, increase the number of “balance” trainers and distribute education materials. “Preventable falls among older adults exact a high human and financial toll on Arizona families,” said Melanie Starns, executive director, Governor’s Office on Aging. “This coalition will further our joint efforts in preventing falls and play an important role in helping us ensure that all older Arizonans have the opportunity to live with dignity and independence.”

The other grants awarded include:
Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, a $68,000 grant to provide training programs for nurses in Maricopa County birthing hospitals to train other caregivers on educating parents of newborns about the serious and often deadly consequences of shaken-baby syndrome.

Gabriel’s Angels, which provides pet therapy programs for abused, abandoned and at-risk children, a $50,000 grant to train community volunteers and their pets to lead children through animal-assisted activities to build trust and create attachments.

Girls For A Change, which offers middle and high school girls from low-income families the opportunity to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills, a $90,000 Piper Trust grant to increase volunteer recruitment to expand the program to reach 300 girls.

Phoenix Conservatory of Music, a $55,000 grant to implement a marketing and donor development program to expand the organization’s music education services for low-income children who may otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in music lessons or performances.

About Piper Trust:
A private foundation, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust is dedicated to honoring Virginia Galvin Piper’s philanthropic commitment to changing lives and strengthening community in Maricopa County (Arizona). By investing in nonprofits and encouraging strategic planning for the future, Piper Trust strives to make Maricopa County a stronger, more nurturing and vibrant community.

Since it began awarding grants in 2000, Piper Trust has invested almost $232 million in local nonprofits and programs. The Trust reported total grants paid of $25.7 million in fiscal year 2008 (ending March 31, 2008). Piper Trust focuses on healthcare and medical research, children, older adults, arts and culture, education and religious organizations.