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Past Piper Academies 2006

Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center: How Nonprofits Can Incorporate World-Class Customer Service

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center presented a Piper Academy how nonprofits can take customer service to a new level, using tenets of the legendary service at The Ritz-Carlton hotels. Representatives talked about a system to train employees in the finer points of customer service and how to implement a customer-focused program.
November 2006

Maureen Curley: What Baby Boomers Can Do for You

Organizational development consultant Maureen Curley presented an academy on the quickly increasing talent pool of people over 55. The workshop offered suggestions for attracting and retaining this highly skilled, motivated workforce.
August 2006

Diana Aviv: Governance, Transparency and Accountability

Diana Aviv, president and CEO of Independent Sector, the national leadership forum for charities, foundation and corporate giving programs, presented The Panel of the Nonprofit Sector’s “Report to Congress and the Nonprofit Sector on Governance, Transparency, and Accountability.” Following the release of this report and its presentation, the Piper Trust board of trustees adopted Required Nonprofit Practices, a requirement for receiving a grant that grantees must demonstrate they have incorporated in their practices.
January 2006

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