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Piper Trust’s Commitment

Learning results in opportunities and a higher quality of life

  • Formal and informal education helps us to understand ourselves, our world, and human potential.
  • Learning begins at birth and the first three years of life are critical for a healthy, well-developed brain.
  • Education and learning create economic opportunities, promote national competitiveness, and encourage active citizenship.

Our Approach and What We Fund

1.  Improved Early Learning Environments

Advancing early learning practices, training and curricula, including standardized orientation for new teachers and accreditation for community-based preschools, enhances preschool education throughout Maricopa County. Teach for America Phoenix introduced the corps members in Maricopa County preschool classrooms.

Special Trust Investment: Model programs for better early learning environments such as the Quality Preschool Curricula Project present attractive solutions to preschool education challenges.

2.  Academic Enhancements for Youth

Tutoring and academic enrichment help school-age children overcome educational challenges and advance in school. Examples: Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods gives children afterschool tutoring opportunities. Junior Achievement Arizona broadens perspectives. And The College Depot helps remove barriers for young people to transition to college.

Remedial programs can help vulnerable students stay and succeed in school or work toward GEDs, advancing opportunities.

Assistive learning aids can make learning easier for children with disabilities.

Special Trust Investments: Collaborative projects such as Expect More Arizona and Science Foundation Arizona are broad community-based projects.

3.  Engagement of Older Adults in Learning

Programs for older adults and people with disabilities can promote employment and second careers. The Gateway Community College Career Transition Center builds marketable skills.  Lifelong learning opportunities offer active minds and engagement in the community.

Programs for older adults to tutor and mentor school children offer academic benefits to the children and meaningful volunteer opportunities for themselves. Experience Corps and Your Experience Counts successfully bring older adult tutors into classrooms.