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Older Adults

Piper Trust’s Commitment


Older adults in Maricopa County must have the chance to remain healthy, independent, and productive

  • The continuum of older adults stretches from the Baby Boom Generation just entering traditional retirement age to frail older adults–all needing to stay vital and engaged as long as possible.
  • Frail older adults and the many Boomers who face eventual frailty will benefit from improved disease prevention and the greater independence these improvements bring.
  • The pioneering work we do now to help Boomers sort out new ways to live a productive later life will define aging for the generations that follow.

Our Approach and What We Fund

1.  Disease and Disability Prevention

Prevention programs that focus on proper nutrition, exercise, early screening for diseases, and appropriate medications promise to advance quality of life.  Implementation of programs such as the statewide Falls Prevention Advisory Coalition and the Stanford Chronic Disease Self Management Program enhance health, safety and independence.

2.  Assistance for Older Adults to Remain Independent

Adoption of such national health models as BenefitsCheckUp, Matter of Balance, and intergenerational day care for children and older adults at Benevilla can establish the pattern by which older adults remain healthy and independent.

Volunteer aid can help older adults remain at home and give respite to caregivers.

3.  Volunteerism, “Recareering” and Community Engagement

Spaces and programs that promote civic engagement and nontraditional work benefit both older adults and their communities. Mesa United Way uses over-55 Vista and AmeriCorps workers and executive volunteers to fill important positions at nonprofit organizations in the East Valley.

Special Trust Investments: Experience Matters Consortium, Maricopa Models of Significant Service (RespectAbility) and Next Chapters move us forward in discovering pathways for older adults to remain productive community members.