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Religious Organizations

Piper Trust’s Commitment

Our investment in faith-based programs for children, adolescents, and older adults reflects our founder’s own beliefs

  • Piper Trust invites and supports projects from all faiths provided they focus on children, adolescents, and older adults.
  • Grantmaking for religious organizations reflects Piper’s objectives and strategies in the Children, Older Adults, Education, and Healthcare program areas.

Our Approach and What We Fund

Assessments of learning environments in faith-based preschools and quality improvement projects such as the Quality Preschool Curricula Project offer enhanced learning for young children.

Housing alternatives for older adults such as the Beatitudes Campus Foundation for Senior Living and Jewish Family Children’s Services offer private care management for older adults.

Special Trust Investment: The Strengthening Catholic Education Program completed projects to improve educational facilities at Maricopa County Catholic high schools, as well as quality projects and other improvements at Catholic preschools and elementary schools.