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Message from Judy Jolley Mohraz

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

Board of Trustees
James D. Bruner
José A. Cárdenas
Paul N. Critchfield
Arthur W. DeCabooter
Laura R. Grafman
Sharon C. Harper
Judy Jolley Mohraz
Stephen J. ZabilskiPresident
Judy Jolley Mohraz
July 8, 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing to share my plans to step down from Piper Trust as its president and CEO at the end of June 2014. During the past year the Board of Trustees and I have discussed how to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation of leadership, and in preparation for that change, the Trustees will begin the search process for a new president and CEO later this summer.

To have had the opportunity to help the Board and staff build Piper Trust since its doors opened in 2000 is a privilege I will always cherish. All of us have believed we had a responsibility to Virginia Piper to work with nonprofits as partners, shoulder to shoulder, and always remember this is not our money. We are simply stewards.

While I will be leaving the CEO position next year, I am honored that I will have an opportunity to remain connected as a Trustee.

The Trustees will identify a firm to undertake the national search, and Trustees and staff will direct all questions to the consultants so that every candidate will have the same information.

I couldn’t end this note without thanking so many members of the community for their wise counsel, my Piper Trust colleagues for their relentless determination to do our work better, and the Trustees for an abiding commitment to strengthen our community.


Judy Jolley Mohraz
President and CEO