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Message to Our Dedicated Nonprofit Community

March 19, 2020

Hope matters in times like these, and it’s why Trustees and staff of Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust are reaching out to you today: to share messages of hope.

A New Statewide Network
The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope, is coordinating with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) and others to use advanced biomedical technologies that will help establish a statewide network. Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, the Flinn Foundation, and the nonprofit NARBHA Institute are pleased to collectively support the initial costs of this effort.

Supporting the Nonprofit Community
While each and every nonprofit is dedicated to its own beautiful mission—from providing afterschool programs, to supporting families in need, to enriching life through arts and culture—a time like this reinforces the intersection of nonprofit services. The Trust is working swiftly, in coordination with our philanthropic partners and state leaders, to understand the issues at hand and assess how the Trust can additionally support our community, restore balance, and ease anxiety during this trying and uncertain time.

Operations and More to Come
While we have canceled/postponed group convenings for now, please be assured that Piper Trust’s daily business operations continue. Our usual in-person meetings are being conducted virtually for the time being.

We know this situation is changing quickly, as is the need for nonprofit services. In an effort to help in an immediate way, Piper Trust will be taking steps where possible to move existing grants to an unrestricted funding status, to accelerate grant payments in the coming fiscal year, and to ease grant reporting requirements. The evolving work of the nonprofit community is our focus right now—we are diligently working on how we can and will support our grantees further.

In the meantime, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits established a resource page for nonprofits that provides helpful news, opportunities, and guidance; it is updated frequently.

As we often say, Piper Trust strives not only to be a source of leadership and financial support, but as a neighbor sharing a lasting stake in the county’s future. We are in this together.

Wishing you peace and comfort,

Mary Jane Rynd
President and CEO