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Find current and archived news materials about Piper Trust news announcements, grantee features, and Piper Trust staff.

ASU to use $10-million Piper Trust Investment To Improve Health Care Outcomes

- Initiatives will include research, education, clinical practice, data analysis, internal and external networking, and health care delivery systems The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust has established a $10-million strategic investment fund at Arizona State University to enable ASU to improve all aspects of health care delivery. Read More

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Awards $4.7 Million in Grants

- Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust today announced grants totaling $4.7 million—an infusion of funds for the nonprofit community that will advance their work in the areas of arts and culture, services for disadvantaged children, youth mentoring, higher education research initiatives and civic engagement opportunities for older adults. A $3 million grant will expand the Center for Sustainable Health at Arizona State University (ASU). Read More


Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Recognizes Nonprofit Leaders

- Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust has named its 11th class of five Piper Fellows—leaders that work daily on the frontlines to improve quality of life for people in Maricopa County’s diverse communities. Through the Piper Fellowship, these dedicated nonprofit leaders will participate in self-designed professional development sabbaticals to further strengthen their skills and bring new knowledge back to the organizations they lead and serve. Read More

Piper Trust Names New Director of Communications and External Relations

- The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust announced today the appointment of Karen Leland as director of communications and external relations. Read More


Piper Trust Names New Program Officer

- Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust announced today the appointment of Theresa (Terri) Leon as program officer. Leon formerly served as chief operating officer of Friendly House, Inc. in Phoenix. Read More

Piper Trust Selects Four New 2010 Piper Fellows

Phoenix - The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust has named the 10th class of Piper Fellows, an exceptional group of nonprofit leaders selected to undertake self-designed sabbaticals to build their leadership and organizational effectiveness. The 41 Piper Fellows named since 2001 have created a strong, enduring network of Maricopa County nonprofit executives. Read More


Dan Pallotta stirs nonprofit world with unique worldview in Uncharitable

- The author spoke at an August Piper Academy about how we practice 400-year-old ideas of charity that are at odds with 21st Century realities. Pallotta believes our society has swallowed whole a set of ideas dating back to the Puritans about doing good that actually ensures less success and prevents real progress for nonprofits. Read More

Piper Trust awards $4.6 million in second quarter grants, more than half for community relief in arts and human services

Phoenix, AZ - With nonprofit organizations facing continued pressures to increase services with fewer revenues, the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust awarded $2.6 million in grants for Community Relief in Maricopa County, Arizona, representing 55 percent of total 2nd quarter 2011 grantmaking of $4.6 million. Read More


Piper Trust Makes Award for Catholic Elementary Schools

Scottsdale, AZ - The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust today awarded $8 million to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix to make needed elementary school building improvements to address important health and safety issues. Read More

Piper Trust makes $2.5 million in grants to benefit children focusing on programs in health, arts and education

Scottsdale, AZ - Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust has awarded grants to benefit children in Maricopa County that will improve early childhood education, music and science educational enhancement, leadership programming for at-risk girls, pet therapy for children and child abuse prevention. Read More

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